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Client Testimonials

We charge fairly.

I live in NJ and needed to find an attorney to represent me in North Carolina. I was very worried about hiring someone without knowing a lot about them. I looked at reviews and decided to hire Dustin. I could not be happier with my decision. He was very fair and took very good care of all my needs and requests. I feel like he did the right thing instead of just overcharging me, he gave me cheaper choices. I would recommend him to everyone. This was a family court case and I am very satisfies with the work of Dustin. I can’t begin to tell you how highly I recommend Dustin.

Scott, a divorce client.

We care so much.

Dustin McCrary has been representing me in my divorce and child custody case. He has been an outstanding attorney, starting with the fact that in my emergency situation he not only answered his phone at 10pm, but stayed in touch with me until 11 pm gathering info for an emergent custody motion. (I’ve never known an attorney that cared so much about his client! That amazed me!). The following morning, he came to his office at 7am to meet with me, and went over the facts, and our motion. Within another day, he had proved why I should get emergency custody of my daughter. The judge signed the Motion, and I immediately left work to meet with Dustin at the courthouse. He told me to go to the police station and go with them and get my daughter. I did exactly what he said and I had my daughter within a couple hours. He is now continuing to represent me in the permanent custody hearing, and my divorce that will follow that. I would highly recommend him to anybody in need of an attorney. He went above and beyond for me!

Josh, a custody client.

We listen and explain.

Mr. McCrary was great to work with.  I can’t thank him enough for all the hard work and counseling he gave me. I was going thru a nasty divorce and having someone explain my legal issues and having all the matters resolved was a blessing. I would recommend Dustin to anyone who is seeking legal counsel.

Norman, a divorce client.

We go out of our way for our clients.

Aside from an amazing attorney, Mr. McCrary is a true man of character. I hired Mr. McCrary to handle my divorce and custody matters. As a single mother of three girls, I have an extremely busy and hectic schedule. Mr. McCrary went out of his way to accommodate with this. He worked diligently to make sure things were taken care of. As soon as Mr. McCrary presented our case, along with the facts, to the judge, I was awarded full custody over my girls. I will forever be grateful for all he has done for me and my girls. I have and will continue to recommend him.

Carrie, a divorce client.

We seek the best possible outcome.

I was going through a very difficult divorce and Mr. McCrary was incredibly helpful during this time. He was very understanding of my situation, charged me as a client incredibly fairly, and helped me resolve my case in the best way possible. This is a man who genuinely cares about his clients and seeking the best outcome possible. Many lawyers out there cause the career to have a bad name. Mr. McCrary is definitely one of the “good guys”.

A divorce client

We have excellent client relations and are great communicators.

Mr. McCrary helped me out a lot in a situation that I believed I had no control over. Mr. McCrary showed me other wise and helped me regain control of the situation. He was very genuine to me and showed compassion. I felt hopeless in my situation and Mr. McCrary changed those feelings to being hopeful. I would definitely use Mr. McCrary for future lawyer needs and would recommend him to any body who needs a honest and hard working lawyer that will work in your best interest.

Jason, a custody client.

We know exactly what to do.

Dustin was great to work with.  My court case took about 2 years to settle and throughout the entire process Dustin was great to work with. My first meeting was an emergency meeting and he very promptly listened to my case and took care of my legal needs. He knew exactly what we needed to do and executed very well. I recommend all my friends to Dustin when they ask if I know anyone, and will hire him again in the future if I need any legal matters resolved.

Michael, a divorce client.

We are professional and attentive.

Dustin has represented me on two separate occasions. One a speeding ticket, the other a more serious family situation. On both occasions, Dustin was excellent. He treated both situations with the utmost professionalism and attentiveness. Dustin was easy to contact and on most days reached out to me with updates or just to inquire about my well-being. I believe what makes Dustin a wonderful attorney is not only his legal knowledge and experience but that he treats clients in a kind and respectful manner. I would, without a doubt, use Dustin McCrary’s services again.

A divorce client

We treat you like you are our only client.

I’ve worked with Mr. McCrary on two separate occasions. He served so well with my divorce and custody case, that I used him again with a case involving movers who stole my belongings. He returned all my emails, kept me informed with how each case was progressing, and worked through my cases promptly. He came up with ideas and recommendations that worked perfectly, and I would highly recommend him. He is honest, straight forward, and listens. Unlike other lawyers, who I’ve heard put you in a queue as a number, he treated me as if I was his most important client. Thank you, Dustin!

Alicia, a divorce client.

You can feel safe putting your trust in us.

Dustin McCrary is the best of the best. If you want an attorney that will get the job done them you need to hire Dustin. He handled a very difficult child custody case for me and instead if it being a long drawn out battle with Dustin’s sharpness and knowledge he was able to get the judge to throw the case out. He will give you a 110% in all that he does. He is a honest, christian man that you can feel safe putting your trust in to get the job done. If you need an attorney put your hard earned money where you will have the best chance of getting the results you want and hire Dustin.

Maloy, a divorce client.

We think outside the box.

I have known Dustin since he was about 10 or 12 years old. He has always been an outstanding individual. I am now proud to say that I know him as an awesome attorney. Dustin stepped in on my case at a time when things were not looking so great. He handled everything in a totally professional manner while keeping me informed and at ease. I never once doubted that Dustin was doing all that he needed to do on my behalf. He looked beyond the surface of the case and addressed things outside the box to negotiate a settlement that was very favorable for all parties and avoided a lengthy & costly (financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) trial which would not have produced any winners. I would recommend Dustin to represent anyone on any case. He is a great person and a tremendous attorney.

Bill, a custody client.

We go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Dustin is not only an amazing lawyer, but a genuinely good-hearted man. He went above and beyond to meet my needs, returned phone calls and emails while out of town, and was willing to communicate any time I needed. All of his work was thorough and timely, and I was able to achieve my goals with Dustin’s support. I highly recommend his services. You will be well taken care of.

Anonymous, a happy client.

We’ll meet you right where you are.

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