Child Support

Modifying Child Support in North Carolina

While all of us are very different, one thing that most of can agree upon is that more than almost anything, we love our children and want to provide for them.  While North Carolina law does, of course, place the responsibility on parents to provide for their...

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Extraordinary Expenses Beyond Child Support – Who Pays?

Without question, the majority of parents what the best for their children, and without question, most parents do their best each day to provide their children with what they need – not only healthy food, and medical treatment, and the necessities of everyday life,...

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Calculating Child Support if You’re Self-Employed

Divorce is difficult. There’s no secret about it – and there’s no way around it. Even in the best of circumstances, it’s an emotionally stressful time – and often some of the most emotional issues involve those pertaining to children. It only makes sense. Most parents...

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What Happens if My Spouse Fails to Pay Child Support?

Divorce is difficult enough even when it goes as smoothly as it possibly can.  Even when spouses are able to get along well with one another and cooperate toward resolution of their issues, it is still a process that involves some amount of emotional and financial...

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Grandparent Child Support

When most of us think of child support, we think of one parent paying support to the other for the children of their marriage following a divorce.  And, in most situations, this is in fact the case.  After all, parents have a legal duty to financially support their...

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