Child Custody

My Ex is Spoiling My Child

Even when a custody agreement is created in the most considerate and cordial circumstances, there are typically differences when it comes to parenting decisions.

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Can grandparents seek child custody?

The majority of custody disputes involve parents. However, grandparents and other third parties may also have concerns about a couple’s children. In certain cases, the courts will recognize the rights of these third parties.

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Can Children Pick Where They Want to Live?

The answer to if and when a child has a say in living arrangements depends on the condition of your family relationships and the degree of court or third-party involvement with your marital separation.  

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Do We Need a Parenting Coordinator?

Custody battles between parents can become aggressive and unfriendly. Ironically, the issues that cause the greatest amount of conflict in these cases often aren’t the big, life-changing issues, but rather the small ones. Parents are more likely to argue over issues like where they will meet to exchange the children rather than over important decisions like education or health.

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