Maybe you and your spouse are going through a difficult time, or maybe you have been doing something you shouldn’t, like cheating. Regardless, there is a chance your spouse may begin to spy on you. The question you need to ask is, what you should do if you believe that your spouse is spying on you?

  • If you have done nothing wrong in your marriage, you may wonder why your spouse is spying on you. There are several reasons that the spying may be happening including, but not limited to:
  • Your spouse may be seeing if you are drinking, doing drugs, or spending time with someone you shouldn’t;
  • Your spouse may be concerned with how you are spending money;
  • Your spouse may worry you are only pretending to work;
  • Your spouse may wonder if you are spending time with someone else.

People get paranoid and they get worried. If your spouse has had others cheat on them, then there may be the worry that you will do the same. If you are actually cheating on your spouse, then you may be leaving signs that your spouse is picking up on. This means your spouse may be close to discovering what you are doing.

Another major reason your spouse may be spying on you is to get an advantage in an upcoming divorce or custody battle. A court will look at marital misconduct by a spouse as a serious manner. If you are the offending spouse, then you will be the one paying alimony to your spouse. If your spouse has condoned the adultery, knew about it or forgave you for it, then the infidelity is not going to play a factor in determining who is going to be paying alimony. Adultery can play a huge role in custody agreements as well.

A spouse may also spy on you to find evidence of an affair that can be used in a criminal lawsuit for alienation of affection. They could get damages for mental anguish, humiliation, damage to health and loss of financial support.

If you are worried that you are being spied on, know there are many methods, including monitoring your e-mail, phone calls and your social media. Bugging you with a hidden recording device, recording you with a nanny cam and even hiring a private investigator. The spouse may also follow you themselves.

When monitoring you on the computer, your spouse can use keystroke logging but there are tools to determine if that is happening and stop it. McAfee will also take care of any keylogging software. If your spouse is monitoring your landline, you may notice odd sounds, hear sounds from the phone after you hang up, interference on television and radio.

If you believe you are being spied on, then you need to talk to your lawyer and they will tell you the next best course of action.

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