When you are going through a divorce, should you consider changing your passwords? The last thing you want is your spouse snooping into your accounts and finding something that you may not want them to find. This isn’t just about your e-mail account, but also social media, your phone and even your bank accounts. Anything your spouse can access online may need you to change your password.

During the divorce, your lawyer may actually advise you to change your passwords completely. The first that you need to change is your e-mail password. It is important to do this because when you reset passwords, your e-mail will receive a message and you don’t want your spouse seeing that and getting your new address. Depending on how many e-mail accounts you have, it may take you awhile to do this.

If you have a joint bank account, do not change the password until you talk to your lawyer. In certain cases, changing the password on a joint account and blocking your ex from accessing it can create serious complications. Once you have talked to your lawyer, and they have given you the go-ahead, you can change the password.

If your ex does not have the passwords, you should still change them. If your spouse has been spying on you, he or she may have your passwords and you don’t even know it. Always make sure that you don’t give the spouse the option to figure out the password. Change your password from a computer that is not often used, or use your phone. In addition, make everything as private as you can on social media accounts. You don’t want your spouse to come across what you may have said online and use that against you in divorce proceedings.

In terms of changing your password, you may want to talk to your divorce lawyer. If you feel that your ex is spying on you or going into your online accounts, then let your attorney know. They will not only tell you that you need to change your passwords, but they are also going to give you the legal advice on what you need to do next.

If you are going to divorce, step one is to change your passwords. Never let your spouse gather any information on you that he or she shouldn’t have. By taking these extra steps, you will keep any information, even if it is innocent, from getting into hands of your spouse and their lawyer.

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