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How To File For Divorce In North Carolina

You may have arrived at this page because you feel that your marriage has reached its end. Sometimes this happens suddenly – in other cases, it is a resolution reached after a long time and a great deal of thought. Regardless of what has led you to this point,...

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Divorcing An Unemployed Spouse

The end of a marriage is difficult, even in the best of circumstances. Even when you know it’s the best decision, it is still a painful process. This is even more true when there are extenuating circumstances that can add an extra layer of complexity to the...

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How To Choose A Divorce Attorney

If you find yourself at the beginning of the divorce process, you may feel a little overwhelmed – and that's normal. Realizing that the end of your marriage is the best path forward is a difficult decision to make. Typically, it's a very emotional time, and it can...

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What Custody Rights Do Mothers Have In North Carolina?

There are plenty of rumors that circulate about child custody cases. Some people have heard that mothers have superior custody rights. Others have heard that fathers are always required to pay child support because mothers will always have primary custody. There...

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What Custody Rights Do Fathers Have In North Carolina?

For most families going through the divorce process, there’s no issue more important than custody. The parent-child relationship is so important that North Carolina, like many states, has laws that protect that special relationship and seek to ensure that each...

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