What Mediation Can Do For You

When you’re going through a divorce it may seem that you and your ex-spouse cannot seem to agree on anything: where the kids should stay, who should have the marital home, is alimony necessary. Don’t think you are alone in this. Most people going through a divorce have a hard time being neutral and determining what is best for all parties involved. Though it may be difficult for you, mediation however, may be just what you need for you and your spouse to settle on an agreement and ensure that the divorce process is made easy. So, what can mediation do for you? If you or a loved one is seeking information in this area, contact an experienced North Carolina family law attorney to help you determine the best strategies for your situation. 

Why Mediation? 

In North Carolina, a mediator is a neutral third party who helps people reach an agreement without going through a judge. This is done by facilitating ways to help parties reach an agreement regarding their divorce. The difference between court and mediation is that in court, the judge will have full discretion in making decisions about your case that will affect your life; however, in mediation you will have control over the decisions that are being made about your life. 

If you are like most people, you may wonder why mediation would be good for you. Well, the answer to this is simple:  mediation is more cost efficient than going to court, most parties are motivated to work out a resolution out of court than in court, as well as mediation is a relaxed and less stressful atmosphere to make important decisions. This is because generally you and your spouse  are in different rooms which helps facilitate progress and keep tension down when coming to an agreement. Lastly, when kids are involved, mediation can become more complex. Nonetheless, mediation allows both parents to come up with creative solutions to any child related issues, such as custody arrangements and schedules. Mediation is a resource that can be extremely valuable if it is taken serious. In conjunction with an attorney, your divorce can be simple, with favorable results for all involved. 

Need Legal Advice? 

Divorces are difficult. Whether mentally, emotionally, or financially, going through a divorce can leave you feeling drained and when you are drained you don’t make the best decisions. If you are hurt from the divorce you may not be as agreeable as you could be. However, you may also struggle, simultaneously, with wanting to keep the courts out of your divorce as much as possible. If this has become you, then mediation may be just what you need. Mediation can help save you the stresses that a divorce brings  as well as give you peace of mind that you have made the best decisions possible. If you or a loved one is going through a divorce, contact an experienced North Carolina divorce attorney at The Law Office of Dustin S. McCrary to determine what options are best for your situation. Contact our office today for a consultation. 

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