Finding a new Home During a Divorce

During a divorce, there are quite a few changes happening all at once. During this emotional time, the issue of where to live can arise unexpectedly. At some point either you or your spouse will have to move out of the marital home. It may even be that both of you have to find a new place to live.

Your attorney will be an integral part of the process, guiding you through this uncharted territory. Don’t make permanent decisions on moving without discussing it with your attorney because it could have an impact on your case. Common factors to consider are:

  • Location: This can play a key role, especially if you don’t want to remove children from their local community.
  • Comfort: You have to decide what you are comfortable with; it is often necessary to lower your level of comfort temporarily so as to be flexible with all the possible changes.
  • New budget: You need to consider your budget without the ex spouse, while also not heavily relying on child support or alimony if it has not yet been decided.

While some of this may seem like bad news, you are certainly not alone. Once you are able to answer some of these questions you can begin to move forward and weigh your options for housing. It is not unusual for someone in your position to downsize their living space during this time. This may give you financial flexibility and keep more options open. This is important, especially if there are children and their schooling to consider.

Moving out can also be a tricky process. Your attorney will advise you on what to do about property owned by both you and your ex spouse, or property that is being disputed. Ultimately, do not make any sudden decisions without reaching out to your attorney. Don’t lose heart, you can and will come away from this situation ready to move past this difficult and emotional time in your life.

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