Taxes Forms


Child and Dependent Care Expenses – IRS Form 2441

If you paid someone to care for your child or other qualifying person so you (and your spouse if filing jointly) could work or look for work, you may be able to take the credit for child and dependent care expenses.

Child Tax Credit – IRS Form 1040

This credit is for people who have a qualifying child. It is in addition to the credit for child and dependent care expenses and the earned income credit.

Child Tax Credit Instructions – IRS Form 8812

Use Part I of this schedule to document that any child for whom you entered an ITIN and for whom you also checked the “if qualifying child for child tax credit” box, is a resident of the United States because the child meets the substantial presence test and is not otherwise treated as a nonresident alien. Use Parts II–IV of Schedule 8812 to figure the additional child tax credit.

Sale of Business Property – IRS Form 4797

Uses of Form 4797 include Use Form 4797 to report: The sale or exchange of: Real property used in your trade or business; and Depreciable and amortizable tangible property used in your trade or business.

Tax Information Authorization – IRS Form 8821

Form 8821 authorizes any individual, corporation, firm, organization, or partnership you designate to inspect and/or receive your confidential information verbally or in writing for the type of tax and the years or periods you list on Form 8821.

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