If you suspect your spouse is doing something wrong that could damage your relationship, like an affair, you might want to know what they are doing on their computer. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective is a keylogger. This is a tool that essentially allows you to spy on your spouse as they type on the keyboard. The keylogger will record every single key that your spouse types in, and by installing it on a computer, you can get a lot of information on the online habits of your spouse.

Even if your spouse clears their browsing history, or password-protects everything, the keylogger will give you access to everything so you can see exactly what is going on with them.

So, why should you think about using a keylogger? It isn’t really just about your spouse. It can also show you what your child types on the computer and it can help safeguard them from online predators. Employers also use keyloggers to generate reports on what their employees are doing online.

If your spouse is having an affair, this can be an effective method for learning about what they are doing online, and it is probably the most common use of a keylogger. There are two types of keyloggers:

Software keylogger that is installed on the computer and can be accessed remotely by you.

Hardware keylogger that is installed as a part of the computer, usually as firmware or plugged into the computer. It can be a USB that plugs into the computer as well.

Software keyloggers are very easy to access, even from a remote location and the spouse will often have no idea that their keystrokes are being recorded. A hardware keylogger requires access to the computer and each time you want to see what was typed, you have to access that. Software keyloggers can be counter-measured if someone knows that the software is being used. Hardware keyloggers are harder to circumvent.

You can find a keylogger online with a simple Google search but it will cost you about $40 to $50. If you want to get a hardware keylogger, you can expect to spend about $100 to $200 on it.

Now the big question. Is it legal to use a keylogger? Under Federal law, you can actually face criminal charges because you are intentionally intercepting or trying to intercept wire, oral, or electronic communication. There are also several state laws that follow along the same lines as Federal law.

If you are thinking of tracking your spouse’s keystrokes, or you have information and you want to use it, you should talk to your divorce lawyer first. They will tell you what you can and cannot do, and how you can yse the evidence you have gathered. Chances are the evidence can be leverage against your spouse but you cannot use anything you gather in court.

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