A divorce inevitably impacts most areas of your life. Unfortunately, one area it affects is your financial situation. Not only are you and your ex not sharing resources, but each of you has to pay for separate living situations. And usually it doesn’t end there; the issues of alimony and child support often make things even more complicated. Your lawyer can help you manage your financial decisions and have you prepared for when the ruling takes place.

It is important to create a budget that allows you take into account the extra cost of divorce. It is common for people facing a divorce to live more simply or downsize in order to provide the flexibility required during this uncertain time. Put some thought into what expenses can be avoided or cut. Be sure to inform your lawyer of your financial situation so they can best prepare your case. Any major change to your finances is something your attorney should know about.

Although spending less money may seem hard, your attorney has experience advocating and supporting people in your same situation. Don’t lose hope and know that you are not alone. Many people have faced the same issues and have been successful with the help of an experienced attorney.