It can be difficult to put an exact amount on how much your divorce will cost due to hourly rates and varying fees that attorneys may charge. Because an attorney may not know how much time it will take to complete your case, it will be difficult for him or her to give you a precise amount based on an hourly rate. However, during a consultation, some attorneys can provide a detailed explanation of the exact legal fees for your specific case. A typical domestic case will include services such as meetings; gathering information about you and your spouse’s assets; attending court hearings; serving your spouse with a copy of your complaint, etc. If the court determines that you are the dependent spouse and lack the means to cover the cost of litigation in alimony, child support, and child custody matters, the court may award you reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs. Court costs can include the cost to take depositions and have experts conduct investigations and give testimony. These costs alone can cost you several thousand dollars.